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5.0 Google

Review from Monica B

Source: Google | Feb 22, 2020

Great experience !! Very short wait , staff was very professional and nice ! Dr. Mourad addressed my problem and I healed from surgery very quickly without any complications.
5.0 ZocDoc

Review from Fatima A

Source: ZocDoc | Feb 21, 2020

He was very informative and realistic about my expectations for the surgery.
5.0 Google

Review from Julie L

Source: Google | Feb 3, 2020

I am 2 1/2 weeks post op and Dr. Mourad was amazing. At our consultation he really listened to exactly what I wanted and the results I was looking for. He was extremely thorough in explaining to me what the procedure entailed and what it would be like for me post op. I can’t stress enough how he took the time to understand exactly what it was I wanted to do. I couldn’t ask for better results!!
5.0 Facebook

Review from Julie C

Source: Facebook | Jan 31, 2020

I am 2 1/2 weeks post op and Dr. Mourad was amazing. At our consultation he really listened to exactly what I wanted and the results I was looking for. He was extremely thorough in explaining to me what the procedure entailed and what it would be like for me post op. I can’t stress enough how he took the time to understand exactly what it was I wanted to do. I couldn’t ask for better results!!
5.0 Google

Review from Thomas C

Source: Google | Dec 29, 2019

After over 20 years of kickboxing and my nose needed some work done! I couldn't breathe and my nose was slightly on the side. From the 1st visit, Dr Morad was very clear about every step ahead of us. The surgery was easy and quick: all the staff was lovely and nice, the surgery center was clean and perfect. 24H hours after surgery I was off pain killer. Everything happened according to the plan; I now can breathe and my nose is back centered! Thank you one more time Dr Morad and all the friendly staff working with you.
5.0 Facebook

Review from Yerni J

Source: Facebook | Dec 6, 2019

He is a angel to me, the best doctor, an extraordinary human being, he cares a lot about his patients, he takes time to listen and explain every detail very clearly. I don’t have enough words to say thanks Dr Mourad.
5.0 ZocDoc

Review from Lauren K

Source: ZocDoc | Dec 3, 2019

Very knowledgeable and personable! Office staff was super helpful as well!
5.0 Google

Review from Ashley S

Source: Google | Nov 26, 2019

For as long as i can remember i was very unhappy with the appearance of my nose and as i got older i developed a deviated septum, which made breathing and every day life so uncomfortable for me. I am beyond happy & appreciated to have been pointed in Dr. Mourads direction! He is not only an artist at what he does, he also is very informative and makes you feel comfortable so you know you’re in the right hands. Thank you so much again doc!
5.0 ZocDoc

Review from Megan S

Source: ZocDoc | Nov 19, 2019

Dr. Mourad is one of the best doctors I have dealt with! His entire staff are welcoming. He listens and understands your concerns. I had surgery with Dr. Mourad and am very pleased with the results.
5.0 Google

Review from Emily P

Source: Google | Nov 15, 2019

I had a rhinoseptoplasty through doctors Moustafa Mourad and Garrett Bennett and feel incredibly lucky to have connected with such an intelligent, warm duo. Both doctors met with me extensively before the surgery, prepared me for what would be a relatively complicated procedure (I had a severely deviated septum, minimal cartilage, a collapsed nasal valve and could not breathe through one of my nostrils at all) and gave me the attention, facts, and encouragement that I needed to move forward with the procedure. I needed a rib graft during the surgery and Dr. Mourad made the incision so minimal that now, 3 months out, I barely notice it. My nose bridge needed to be wider so that my nostril wouldn't collapse again and I was hesitant to see the "after" look, knowing it would be a technically wider nose but they've done such a nice just making it symmetrical and WORKABLE that I'm the happiest gal. I feel comfortable with its new aesthetic and am able to breathe - headaches, sinus infections, nasally voice, and difficulty exercising no more! The amount of personalized care I've received from both the doctors and their warm staff is beyond note-worthy. They treat me like a member of their community and use routine, personal phone calls and thoughtful visits to make me feel both supported and informed. I would recommend Dr. Mourad and his staff wholeheartedly, a thousand times over. I have been visiting surgeons for about 10 years now preparing for this surgery and feel so happy that I waited until I found the right fit. Stay tuned for before and after pictures!
5.0 Google

Review from Jessica S

Source: Google | Oct 4, 2019

Dr Mourad’s staff, when I first walked in, were incredibly inviting and friendly. It was my first consultation with Dr Mourad- he took his time, took notes, and truly listened to what I wanted. I’ve been to other doctors prior and their consultation always seemed rushed and provided little feedback. During the examination, he walked me through, with description, why he agreed or disagreed with what I was asking. Dr Mourad is friendly, genuine and wants you to look and feel your best. Highly recommend!
5.0 Facebook

Review from Mimi G

Source: Facebook | Sep 24, 2019

Dr. Mourad is excellent! He is very attentive, takes his time listening and his time explaining. He is thorough and precise. His staff are also accommodating, kind and are great with following up. Dr. Mourad performed a Thyroidectomy on me and, after cancer was found, he followed up daily to make sure I was ok the first few days. I will be following up with him soon and will be scheduling my deviated septum surgery.
5.0 ZocDoc

Review from Melissa G

Source: ZocDoc | Aug 16, 2019

Loved it! Very friendly but professional. Listened to my needs and helped me a lot. Was very thorough. Beautiful office in a beautiful neighborhood.
5.0 ZocDoc

Review from Annlex M

Source: ZocDoc | Aug 9, 2019

Dr. Mourad was wonderful, he explained everything i wanted to know , he was knowledgable and was extremely helpful. Front desk ladies where also kind and wonderful
5.0 ZocDoc

Review from Eric M

Source: ZocDoc | Aug 9, 2019

Very friendly and professional
5.0 Google

Review from Brent J

Source: Google | Aug 2, 2019

This man is a saint! Went above and beyond my expectations by fixing my nose, both inside and outside. I was left disfigured from an accident and could not breathe at all from both nostrils. I had consulted with two plastic surgeons before meeting Dr. Mourad. He was very thorough in his explanations and was super nice and reassuring. I decided to have surgery with him because he could fix my breathing and give me back my normal nose during the same surgery. I am now two months after my surgery and I am proud to say that my nose is a work of art.
5.0 ZocDoc

Review from Elvis R.

Source: ZocDoc | Jul 26, 2019

Dr. Mourad and his office staff are very caring and professional. My visit went very smooth and I received exceptional service.
5.0 Google

Review from Rinil P

Source: Google | May 11, 2019

Everyone at this office is very friendly and welcoming. Dr Mourad is very thorough and takes as much time as you need to explain procedures in detail. The best part is, he isn’t trying to convince or force you into a procedure. He’s very honest and skilled. Highly recommend!!
5.0 Google

Review from Bathily C

Source: Google | May 6, 2019

What I could say is he is the best. Because of him am palack cancer free. Thanks doctor mourad.
5.0 Google

Review from Jacob A.

Source: Google | Apr 20, 2019

I Had my first surgery with the “top” doctor in New York City for my septoplasty and the effects wore off a year later. I decided to browse the internet and based on reviews and feedback chose to work with Dr Bennett and Dr Mourad for my correction. Dr Mourad performed the Rib Graph for extra cartilage needed. These two were unbelievable!! They explained to me what went wrong the first time. Then took the time and attention to meet me, go over the game plan and answer any questions had at every step of the way. After my surgery I called them with some concern and got them to call me back on Christmas Eve and calm my fears!! The experience here where not just the DRs but also the staff was so helpful and attentive where i didn't feel like i was just another patient that they were hurrying up for surgery. I have already recommended family relatives here and would advise anyone who is worried about choosing a doctor over online reviews (i too had this concern) that these two guys were top notch and what you’d wish ever doctor was like

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